Khloe Kardashian Dating Wiz Khalifa? The Circle Is Now Complete

If news that Khloe Kardashian is supposedly getting close to the newly single Wiz Khalifa turns out to be true, we’ve now got a celebrity hookup roundabout that ties together the worlds of sports, music, fashion, porn, and famous-for-fame’s-sake. It’s a great time to be alive.

Source on this one is one of MediaTakeOut’srock solid snitches,” so take it with the recommended daily allowance of sodium chloride. That’s the same site that swore to us that Nicki Minaj was pregnant and about to get hitched. Nicki’s not showing, so their snitches aren’t always on the ball.

In any case, the latest rumor is that Khloe Kardashian – the “Ringo” of the Kardashians – isn’t back together with Lamar Odom, but is instead getting close to ladies man and poor man’s Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa. According to MTO’s snitch, the two were seen entering Beverly Hills Phillipe Chow together. The two are said to have immediately gone to a back booth and spent a bit of time away from everybody else.

After about an hour together in a back booth, Kardashian and Khalifa are said to have left together, through a back entrance.

Now, again, this is MTO we’re talking about, which once promised that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were getting together to hash things out and questioned whether the whole thing was a big publicity stunt. Now, with it looking like Amber and Wiz are fully Splitsville, the Kardashian connection is possible, but – again – healthy dose of salt.

But if it was true, this is a celebrity crossover event of the sort rarely seen outside of comic books. Wiz and Khloe getting together completes a celebrity hookup circle that stretches back to before Kanye wifed up Kim Kardashian.

Kanye, of course, used to date Amber Rose way back in the day. The two were quite the hot item until their breakup, which led to Amber Rose becoming a minor celebrity in her own right and Kanye making 808s and Heartbreak. We’ve since forgiven Amber Rose her role in the creation of that album.

Kanye went on to marry Kim Kardashian, while Amber went on to marry Wiz Khalifa. Amber and Khalifa split, and Khalifa has apparently been living it up ever since, while Rose has decided she wants to focus on being a mom.

On the Kardashian side, Ringo… err… Khloe used to be married to former Laker and perennial basketball underachiever Lamar Odom. The two split amid accusations of crack-smoking, infidelity, and peaking with a Sixth Man of the Year Award. That last bit isn’t true, but it’s totally true.

Now, if Wiz Khalifa and Khloe Kardashian are really getting together, it will not only mark the joining of two people with “Kh” combinations in their names, but the closing of a loop that spans the main areas of American celebrity life. Kanye covers music and fashion, Kim Kardashian started out as a (supposedly) reluctant porn star, Lamar Odom reps the sporting life, and Wiz and Khloe are famous for being famous. If there was a politician involved in there somewhere – what’s Anthony Wiener doing nowadays? – they’d have all bases covered.

(Yes, Wiz does “music” as well, but if you can name a Wiz Khalifa song that’s not about Amber Rose and isn’t “Black and Yellow,” you must be a Khalifa superfan.)

If the rumor is true and Wiz and Khloe are hooking up, we’ll no doubt begin to see signs of it in the next little while, as Wiz is not shy at all about taking the ladies out on the town. Meanwhile, those rumors that Lamar and Ringo Kardashian were getting back together to make babies are looking a bit shaky.

[Lead image via Necole Bitchy and Fishwrapper]