Dean Ambrose Is The Future Of The WWE, According To One Veteran

Dean Ambrose Has Surpassed Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose is the future face of the WWE, according to one wily wrestling veteran.

That’s right. Chris Jericho, who has been in the news a lot lately promoting his new book, recently stepped in the ring with Between the Ropes and had nothing but glowing things to say for the Lunatic Fringe.

“I saw Dean when he first started and there was something different about him,” Jericho said. “He has that Jeff Hardy ‘X’ factor. There’s just something about him that you can’t push on somebody. You can teach them how to take a bump, give them a look, give them wins but certain guys have a certain something about them that you know is going to take them to the next level no matter what. Dean definitely has that and in my opinion.”

Jericho is one of the biggest superstars the WWE has ever seen. After being held back at WCW, he left the company during the height of the Monday Night Wars and became a breakout star on the heavyweight scene.

This was after being funneled into the WCW’s cruiserweight division while guys like Hulk Hogan and Sting hogged the WCW Monday Nitro spotlight.

The fact that Jericho could leave his sure paycheck and make a career for himself at the then-struggling rival WWE goes to show that he has a pretty good handle on star power, a fact he’s not shy about admitting.

“I’m not the god of everything but I have a pretty good track record of picking guys,” Jericho added. “I think [Dean Ambrose is] the closest that they have right now to being the next face of the WWE. I don’t think that’s as important now with the Network and less emphasis on pay-per-views and that sort of thing. But as far as a guy who can come in there as the top babyface, I think Dean’s your best best right now.”

This prediction sort of flies in the face of what popular theory is — that Roman Reigns is the future face of the WWE. However, it makes a lot of sense.

WWE has run in to problems getting fans to accept John Cena, and Reigns appears to be headed down that same road where the company is telling fans who they should be cheering for instead of listening to who they actually are behind.

Dean Ambrose is, at present, more over than John Cena, Roman Reigns or any other babyface in the locker room save for Daniel Bryan. But Bryan’s injury will have him sidelined for who knows how long.

It could be time for the WWE to consider giving Ambrose the spotlight instead of booking another Cena-Orton main event. And Jericho also makes a good point on the WWE Network. If the company can continue to cut costs and maximize profitability, they don’t need to be beholden to the ratings. Therefore, you don’t really need another “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock as long as you have someone fans can identify with and organically get behind.

Dean Ambrose appears to be that guy. But what do you think, readers? Is Chris Jericho right or wrong on this one?