WWE: Could Dudley Boyz Complete The Tag Team Division?

Dudley Boyz Could Revamp WWE Tag Teams

The Dudley Boyz, Devon and Bubba Ray, could soon be heading to the WWE, according to multiple reports throughout the internet wrestling community, including this one from Wrestling Inc.

The former ECW/WWE/TNA greats, who always reminded us to “Get the tables!” would be a welcome throwback to the Attitude Era. Furthermore, both are still in good enough shape to not just enhance younger talent, but also make a legitimate run at the WWE tag team titles.

The Dudley Boyz’s unique blend of being able to play heel as well as face would be an interesting aspect of a WWE return at this point.

WWE currently has Stardust and Goldust, the Usos, the Wyatts, and Rybaxel, with rumors of The Ascension arriving soon. Those are five strong tag teams, but it’s quite the heel-heavy division at this point.

The Usos are the only baby faces in the group. With that in mind, it would seem likely that the Dudley Boyz (known as Team 3D over at TNA) would make a great pop as a face group, especially after returning to the WWE after a nearly 10-year absence.

In fact, Vince McMahon probably couldn’t bring the Dudleys in as a face tag team if he wanted to. However, Bubba Ray and Devon have always known how to work an audience.

On a recent edition of The Ross Report, Bubba (aka Bully Ray in TNA) said that he unquestionably preferred playing heel because “it’s easier getting people to hate you.”

Of course, Bully Ray hasn’t met WWE audiences of today who have no problem cheering a cult leader like Bray Wyatt, but throw deafening boos at Mr. Make-A-Wish John Cena.

It’s sort of like playing to an arena of PG-styled Philadelphia Eagles fans every night, and that’s something that the Dudley Boyz would have to get used to after being out of the spotlight for so long.

That being said, it could be easier for the Dudley Boyz to make a heel turn after helping the Usos out. Right now, Jimmy and Jey are outnumbered by three heel teams and a likely fourth on the way.

Perhaps a storyline where the Usos are getting decimated by a freshened up Wyatt Family (with the Ascension added into the mix) only to be saved by the Dudleys, thus setting up a double-cross down the line?

What do you think, readers? Do the Dudley Boyz need to finish their careers in the WWE? How would you use them — heel or face?