Nick Cannon Dating Amber Rose? Duo Hit Up Knott’s Berry Farm, Ride Coasters Together

Amber Rose

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose aren’t helping those dating rumors… like at all. According to TMZ, the “just friends” headed to Knott’s Berry Farm this weekend — alone — and had quite a great time together. The two have been pals for years, but since starting a new business venture together (Amber hired Nick as her manager), romance rumors have been heating up. Not to mention, of course, that Nick’s split from Mariah Carey and Amber’s split from Wiz Khalifa happened around the same time.

“They were spotted in the front row of Xcelerator — with all the rows behind them apparently cleared out for some reason. Now we know it’s just a ride… they’re not walking hand-in-hand or anything — but it’s still pretty telling that the two of them went to a theme park together, alone,” reports TMZ.

Nick Cannon hasn’t said much about dating anyone post-Mariah, but he hasn’t been sitting home by himself lately. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nick has been linked to quite a few women, most recently spotted out with a “mystery brunette” — and she was just one of three women linked to the America’s Got Talent host this year.

Despite the fact that Nick and Amber have been seen out together — doing date-like things — the two probably aren’t in a relationship. According to People Magazine, Rose recently spoke out about the rumors, and it sounds like she’s not dating anyone. Apparently, Nick isn’t her type.

“I’m focused on my son and my work. I really don’t have time for a man,” Rose said. When she first heard the rumors she recalled talking to Cannon about it. “I was like, ‘Damn, Nick, that’s cool for you, but it ain’t happening,'” Rose laughed. “I’m going through a divorce and technically I’m single, but I’m just not ready for [that],” she added.

As for Nick Cannon, he hasn’t said very much about moving on with his life. He has said that he will always love Mariah… but he has not talked about any details of his apparent split. That is likely because Carey filed paperwork that forces Nick to stay quiet… you know, a gag order.

It is pretty clear that Nick and Amber are leaning on each other during their respective splits. Obviously, they can relate to each other so they have a lot to talk about. In many ways, it is kind of great that they have one another… and if something comes out of it? Good for them.

[Photo courtesy of Eurweb]