‘The Walking Drunk’ Hilarious Viral Video Pairs ‘The Walking Dead’ Theme With Staggering Drunks [Video]

“The Walking Drunk” is the latest viral sensation inspired by the hit television series The Walking Dead. As noted by People, zombies and alcohol don’t mix. However, that didn’t stop one clever individual from noticing the striking similarities between the aimless wandering and lurching of zombies and the tortured gait of people who have had a few too many drinks. Thus “The Walking Drunk” was born.

The viral video is a smash hit. So far, it has garnered a whopping 1.2 million views on YouTube, and that number is growing by the minute.

“The Walking Drunk” is a video that combines the zany antics of drunks with the familiar strains of music played every Sunday night during the opening credits of The Walking Dead. It’s a can’t miss combination that has to be seen to be appreciated. People noted that some of the video’s unwitting stars could easily be cast as extras in the AMC series with the right makeup.

“Some moments – like the slow head-swivel about two seconds in – could be slotted into an episode of the show with just a little makeup work.”

Comic Book agrees with that assessment of “The Walking Drunk,” adding that Greg Nicotero’s special effects magic would transform the drunks into the perfect zombies, or in the lexicon of The Walking Dead, “the perfect walkers.”

“With a little special effects magic from Greg Nicotero, drunk people might make for the perfect walkers for The Walking Dead Season 5.”

Fans of The Walking Dead surely remember last season’s Beth-centric episode, wherein she and Daryl seek and find her first taste of alcohol. The pair located a shabby domicile with a supply of homemade moonshine and engaged in an angry game of Never Have I Ever. “The Walking Drunk” video is nothing like that at all.

“The Walking Drunk” is 43 seconds of hilarious stumbling and staggering as individuals under the influence of alcohol attempt to negotiate their surroundings. It features video clips of men tumbling down stairs, falling into fences, and lunging toward doors that remain just out of reach, and it’s all set to the eerie strains of The Walking Dead theme song.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, The Walking Dead was also the inspiration behind one of Bad Lip Reading’s latest videos. For those unfamiliar with the concept, The Inquisitr described Bad Lip Reading’s tribute to The Walking Dead in a nutshell.

“Bad Lip Reading’s latest ‘The Walking Dead’ video turns the dark AMC show into a hilarious Comedy Central-worthy series that features conversations about glue police, French babies, and Jedi fountain bidets.”

[Image via Marca Blanca/YouTube screenshot]