Kanye West Reportedly Trying To Get Kim Kardashian To Show Beyoncé Some Love

Kanye West isn’t necessarily known to be a big peacemaker, especially as he is accustomed to rant on considerably about subjects he feels strongly enough about.

But according to recent reports, Kanye is more than a little bothered by the cold and cordial relations which are apparent between his wife Kim and his buddy Jay Z’s wife Beyoncé, and he has decided to take matters into his own hands and do something about it.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé is wholly unimpressed with the whole Keeping us with the Kardashians reality TV thing, as she has made clear in the past, according to numerous media reports. Earlier this year it was even claimed that Bey refused to be seated too close to Kim Kardashian at the MTV VMAs, as she didn’t want to chat or hang out with her.

An inside source spoke to Heat magazine about the rumors that Kanye West is doing his utmost to get Kim to show some love to Bey after all these years,

As far as Kim’s concerned, the damage is done – she thinks Bey only wants to be friends because she wants something from her now. But Kanye would love for things to be better and it trying to get Kim to soften. Kanye’s spoken to Jay privately and told him the approach may have to be public in some way – that’s the way Kim is and not coming to the wedding was a huge snub.

Rumors of a difference of opinion between Beyoncé and Kim were also stoked when the Kim and Kanye wedding wasn’t even attended by Jay and Bey, even though Jay Z was slated to assume the role of best man at the wedding.

The source added,

Kim’s ignoring her calls so far. Bey’s going to have to eat some serious humble pie to make up for all the public snubs she’s made over the years and for missing her wedding. She’s certainly not going to forgive her just because Kim’s a bit more famous now and Beyoncé’s popularity has taken a hit.

As with all such celebrity rumors, one is left wondering if they are for real or if they are just being staged in order to garner public interest through media attention. Although it wouldn’t surprise many to know that Bey and Kim don’t see eye-to-eye, after all, both are competing with each other for attention in the public eye.