Dakota Johnson Parents Feuding Over Her Role In ‘Fifty Shades’?

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Dakota Johnson took a risk by electing to star in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. The actress knew just how raunchy the novels by E.L. James are, and how popular they were, so she definitely had a list of pros and cons when it came to having her name appear on the cast list — as the lead, no less. Well, according to The Mirror, Johnson’s parents are now faced with a tough decision: Do they go to their daughter’s premiere and support her 100 percent… or do they skip out because they don’t want to see their daughter play such a dirty character?

Johnson’s parents are both actors. Her mom is Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) and her dad is Don Johnson (Miami Vice). While the two certainly understand the business better than those who aren’t in the business, the Fifty Shades film is still a big deal. Seeing their daughter naked, having sex, and being completely vulnerable isn’t going to be easy.

Dakota Johnson has previously said that she doesn’t want her parents to see the film. According to Entertainment Tonight, Griffith talked about going to see the film. Over the summer, the actress revealed that she wasn’t going to see the movie. She said that Dakota not only agreed with that, but sort of suggested it.

“You guys cannot come. There’s no way,” Dakota said.

Despite the fact that it would be super uncomfortable for both Dakota and her parents, Griffith is really happy to see her daughter taking this on.

“She’s amazing — so good. It’s just so beautiful to see her doing this,” Griffith said over the summer.

More recently, Griffith acknowledged the fact that she wants to support her daughter… even if the film is erotic.

“This was a scary role for her to tackle and she needs to feel her family is there for her,” Griffith said.

However, Dakota’s dad had a difference of opinion — which is totally understandable!

“It’s just not the kind of movie I would see,” said Johnson.

According to sources, this has caused somewhat of a family feud. Griffith is reportedly frustrated with Johnson because she feels that he should go see the movie just to support their daughter. The content, after all, is simply acting… and he can close his eyes through the nudity (which might be most of the movie but, hey, whatever)!

“Melanie is bitterly upset that she is the only one standing alongside her daughter. She’s told both Don and Tippi that Dakota really can’t look at roles and wonder what her dad and grandma are going to think. She believes Dakota was right to seize her opportunity in what will almost certainly become a major international blockbuster. It’s breaking Melanie’s heart that the whole family isn’t behind her.”

Should Dakota Johnson’s parents go to the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere? Do you think that their support is far more important than the awkwardness of this whole thing?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Fifty Shadesmovie trailer was the most watched in the world in its first week.

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