Photos Of Pit Bull Rescues At Heart Of Not A Bully Campaign

Douglas Sonders, pit bull owner and voice to the misunderstood breed, began his Not A Bully campaign in 2012. Since then, he’s posted many portraits of pit bulls that managed to find forever homes after being given every reason to lose faith in mankind.

Many of the bully breeds may be recognizable because of their reputation for being difficult to train or bad tempered, especially the breeds that are considered pit bulls. Not A Bully was created to try and change the way people view pit bulls and other bully breed dogs.

According to Mail Online, the campaign began when Sonders adopted a beautiful pit bull named Emma.


Believing the negative hype about pit bulls, Sonders had planned to stay away from any pit he came in contact with. When he saw Emma sitting quietly at the shelter, however, he fell in love.

Love has a way of changing carefully laid plans.

Emma was found at a high kill shelter after she spent nine months in foster care. She was set to be euthanized. Very few pit bull breeds make it through the shelter stage of their lives. Few people want pit bulls; fewer still want black pit bulls.

“No one wanted her because she was a pit-mix with black fur,” Sonders explained. “The thought makes me tear up when I think how she was nearly put to sleep because of how she looks.”

It was a good thing Douglas Sonders followed his instincts that day. Now his campaign serves to try and show pit bulls and bully breeds in their true light.

Even Cesar Millan, a pit bull enthusiast and TV dog trainer, has shown a great deal of support for the campaign. Including allowing his own well-behaved pit bull, Junior, to pose with Emma for #NotABully.

Emma and Junior

Emma is not the only pit bull the campaign concentrates on.

Porter is one of the most tragic pit bulls photographed for Not A Bully. When he was found, his legs had been crushed and his jaw had been severely broken. Even before his rescuers were able to get him medical treatment, he slobbered all over them with what kisses he could manage.

Despite the pit bull’s friendly demeanor, he was still going to be put to sleep. Julie Conway, a Humane Society employee, paid out of her own pocket to ensure he would have a chance to live life.


The point of the Not A Bully campaign is to show how undeserved the pit bull and bully breed reputations are. Every story Sonders collects about a pit bull finding a new home and sharing love with their new family, brings him one step closer to spreading that message.

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