Balsamic Ketchup is a Fancier Dip For Your Chicken Nuggets

Ever look down at your double whopper with cheez and onion-ish rings and think “man, this dinner is totally ghetto?”

If your fries feel lackluster or pedestrian, Heinz hopes to fancy-up your fried foods with a tangier, more complex version of its iconic Heinz Ketchup. While already the gold standard for the condiment in the United States, Heinz hopes to capture a more discerning market with the introduction of balsamic ketchup.

Actually, Heinz is all about the enhanced ketchup experiences this year- in addition to balsamic ketchup, the company also came out with a packaging-based (and dare I say more revolutionary) innovation that negates the need to balance things between your legs while barreling down the freeway with a fistful of fries and an open package of ketchup- Heinz’s Dip & Squeeze offers a handy peel-back lid and solid container so you can at least lay the fries on the passenger seat and dip as you drive.

But back to the balsamic ketchup, which raises dinner to a whole new level. The launch is infused with hints of exclusivity- first and foremost, the new Heinz product won’t be available at supermarkets. Only those who “like” Heinz Ketchup on Facebook will be able to purchase the product for the first few months of its limited availability. Even then, the company has not committed to making balsamic ketchup a permanent Heinz product and won’t even be advertising the product- a bit of a shibboleth, it will initially only be available to people who know how to find it.

And like all things exclusive, balsamic ketchup has a black label. The brand’s Facebook page is promoting the new item with suggestions for “haute dogs” and “french frites” in line with the theme of fanciness. Will you be testing out Heinz’s balsamic ketchup? Do you think it will add depth to your dips?