TNA News: Kurt Angle Staying With TNA, Could Angle Be Dixie Carter’s Surprise Signing?

Dixie Carter is always trying to get the attention of TNA fans as well as outside fans by telling the public through social media or on TV that there are “big” or “special” announcements. Usually they turn out to be disappointing and very underwhelming. It would come as no surprise that Dixie would do this to the TNA fans once again. Carter told the fans that TNA had made a big signing that will be big for the company’s future. She was also talking about a talent, not a TV deal… which could happen but who knows these days?

The big problem with this is that there are only three signings of value that TNA has made recently. They signed Brodus Clay, known as Tyrus. TNA has also signed Josh Mathews. Both men were let go from WWE a few months ago, Mathews being the most surprising cut. Meanwhile, it appears that TNA has re-signed Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

All three are valuable signings for TNA, but none are major, and none will help bring in any attention to TNA Wrestling. TNA has attempted to downplay the Kurt Angle signing rumors recently, as we’re not supposed to know he came back. They want to play his return to TNA as a “big shock” or “surprise,” at least that is what they are telling their TV partners. The issue with this is that Angle was on recent iMPACT tapings. Since TNA tapes so far in advance, a lot of the timing of normal, day-to-day things are nonexistent for the company. This was one of their biggest issues for their Bound for Glory show.

TNA has yet to secure a TV deal, and many wonder if TNA is only playing up that they have a big signing coming, like they have many other times before with big news. It’s kind of like crying wolf; sure, TNA fools us a few times, and it is no big deal. Sadly, after a while, no one is going to care. So this is why it seems that no TNA fan is really getting their hopes up.

The only major signing TNA can make right now is unattainable, being CM Punk. Which we all can assume is a doubtful signing, no matter how much they offer him. Most legends are with WWE, in addition to today’s biggest names in wrestling. There is no one TNA can sign right now that would be big for them, literally no one. This is why many believe Angle is the big signing TNA has been talking about. If TNA is saying this as a way to get us to watch, we can only assume that fans will continue to turn away from the product.

It is no surprise that TNA ratings have dropped drastically this past year alone. While Angle is a notable player who will help TNA, his signing changes nothing for the company. TNA is still struggling, and they need a shot in the arm — badly. Without it, this company will die. As much hate as wrestling fans give it, many of us do not want to see TNA die. It can be a good alternative to WWE. The issue is that they simply are not doing anything business-wise that will help them, and that is why they are in the place they are today.

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