Nicole Ritchie PSA: Girls Please Don’t Dress Slutty On Halloween

Nicole Ritchie used to be known for her ditzy ways and slutty choice in clothing and now the 30 year old mother is actually starting to act like a parent, asking girls to avoid “slutty” outfits for Halloween.

On the former reality TV stars Facebook wall on Thursday she posted the following message:

“Girls, can we all pledge that we will not dress slutty for this Halloween? The jig is up.”

Immediately following her message more than 600 “likes” were posted on the wall message. The Facebook wall post also received mix reviews with 70 comments that were both for and against her please, some girls agreed that the entire slutty for Halloween motif was played out while others said finding a non-slutty outfit was nearly impossible for older girls.

Poking fun at the message one male posted comment read:

No, no, no, please dress slutty ladies. Its perfectly ok with us guys!

In the meantime Nicole Richie has managed to be semi-subdued for her most recent costumes in memory including the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderlandand Toy Story’s favorite cowgirl Jessie.

Do you agree with Nicole Ritchie that girls should tone down their costumes to quite possibly make them more “family appropriate?”