WWE News: WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd And WWE Diva Natalya Heading For Divorce?

WWE Superstars and WWE Divas have gotten involved romantically before. It is not uncommon to hear of WWE couples on TV and in real-life. While common to see them, it is less common that they last. Could another WWE couple be heading down the road to splitsville?

WWE Superstar and NXT Fact technician Tyson Kidd has been in fights with his WWE Diva wife Natalya on air. Nattie has gotten involved in Kidd’s personal affairs on screen, which has caused a rift between them on NXT. On Total Divas, WWE’s reality show on the E! Network, they are still at odds. In fact, the married couple have been fighting a lot. Many have been asking the question, could they be getting divorced due to all of this?

While WWE would potentially love for their storyline drama to be real, most of what we see on TV is false. You think the Fact master general would allow his personal life to be aired like that on TV? Tyson and Natalya have been an item for years. They practically grew up together, and even came into the WWE at the same time together. There is no denying their differences when it comes to success though.

Nattie went on to have wild success, and has been the WWE Diva’s Champion before. She is considered the best wrestler in the divas division. Some say she is better than many of the guys.

Meanwhile, Tyson was a skilled tag team performer and won gold there, but was unable to get an opportunity to work in singles. This despite showing real promise when he came into the WWE. He was allowed him to show what he had a few years ago, during a match at the Money in the Bank PPV.

Tyson ended up getting hurt, and was out for a while. He recently made a comeback to WWE through the NXT brand, which has been big for him. He was able to show that he could work in the singles world well against some of the best developmental performers the WWE has ever had. However, WWE has used the storyline of Kidd being famous only because of his wife. Rifts have shown on TV with them due to all of this, as well as NXT fans chanting, “Nattie’s husband.”

Happily, we know WWE is storylined. What we see on TV is not fact. Kidd and Natalya are very happy, and there is no rumor of divorce any time with them. WWE might try to do something on TV for either NXT or Total Divas to look like this is occurring. However, we can report that it is ONLY for television. WWE would potentially love to show real drama, but we can assume that the talent have to allow the cameras to be where they are, and they would not discuss truly personal things on camera.

Total Divas shows a lot of the real world situations that WWE Divas and Superstars go through, so the show is not completely made up. The drama is simply just for TV, like many other reality shows. WWE has done the reality TV scene better than most others for decades. So this new age portion of it is no big deal to them. The show has been big for WWE, as it has helped them continue to build up their female demographic. Even if women only know Total Divas, they know WWE through that. This is clearly big for the product at the end of the day. In the end though, WWE is making a buck on fooling the fans. So don’t believe “reality” TV as often.

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