Selena Gomez Shares The Advice Taylor Swift Gave Her About Relationships

Selena Gomez’s guest spot on “The Talk” aired on Friday as the starlet promotes her new film Rudderless.

During the show, the stunning 22-year-old didn’t mention her recent reported split with on-again, off-again beau Justin Bieber. But, she did reveal advice that BFF Taylor Swift gave her, and it sounded like a sad reflection on what the two besties believe is the reason why Selena’s relationship with Justin doesn’t seem to work any more.

See if you agree.

First, the “The Talk” ladies chatted with Selena about her owning her first home in L.A.

The Latina star said her home was like a “Moroccan cave” that she intends to “stick to… for a little bit,” rather than move to New York City to join Swift, who wants her to move.

The show’s matriarch Sharon Osbourne then praised Gomez and Swift’s “gorgeous power friendship,” also trilling, “Both of you are such great examples of how wonderful it is to be young, successful and strong — and in charge!”

When Osbourne asked Selena to share some of the guidance Swift recently gave her, the Disney alum replied,

“I was sitting by the fire and I was talking about relationships in business, and in my life.”

Gomez went on, “And you know, she [Taylor] just kinda looked at me. And she supports me, she never judges me for anything.”

“She’s like, ‘Well, Selena, if you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re going to be in the wrong room.’”

The actress-singer explained, “Because she thinks I should constantly surround myself — and I agree — with people who are going to make me better, that are going to challenge me, motivate me.”

Selena concluded, “And it just kind of stuck with me… it just kind of stuck with me. So I constantly repeat that to myself now. Yeah, I just wanna surround myself with those kind of people.”

(Video: The starlet also played a game with The Talk ladies, which involved guessing the titles of dance-centric movies.)

Reading between the lines, the “Come & Get It” songstress’ agreement with Swift’s advice is the clearest sign yet that Justin and Selena won’t be reuniting any time soon.

While the Canadian is undoubtedly a gifted vocalist and musician, who has given millions as well as his time and effort to charities over the years, it’s also true that Justin has never been accused of being a deep thinker and has been wobbling since 2013 — although he seems to be much healthier and fitter now.

It’s more than possible Selena’s conversation with Taylor went something along the lines of, “Sometimes I say stuff and it’s like it goes over his head, and don’t even get me started on some of his friends.”

Or something close.

Jelena Instagram

(Photo: Justin Bieber posted this snap with Selena Gomez four days after she unfollowed the heartthrob on Instagram.)

After two months of mostly peaceful dating in their latest reunion, reportedly it all fell apart for Jelena at the tail end of their Caribbean vacation in St. Martin. Things came to head at their next stop at Paris Fashion week, after the “Baby” singer’s lunch with pal supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Selena’s Instagram unfollow and tweets the next day signaled the couple’s apparent split.

Since then, the starlet has hit the talk show circuit for Rudderless, and has earned praise for her role as a grieving girlfriend. Gomez is also teasing music to come. It’s reported she is set to release a “Greatest Hits” album — titled For You — on November 24 for Disney’s Hollywood Records, which will include two new songs.

Meanwhile, the sports-loving Justin is pumping iron and posting boxing training sessions with the reading-challenged champ Floyd Mayweather. And, Lil Twist, the Young Money rapper with a habit of totaling the Biebs’ cars, recently announced he is back in the fold.

Worlds apart.

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