Jason Biggs Pees On Chelsea Handler [SFW Video]

Jason Biggs has been known to get himself into trouble from time to time. In the movies, he may be best known for inappropriate relations with an apple pie, and in real life he recently tweeted some insensitive comments about flight MH-17. However, his newest escapade has left Chelsea Handler a little pee’d off. Jason, an American Pie alum and current Orange is the New Black member, peed on Handler during a shared vacation.

Chelsea Handler opened up to Conan O’Brien about the incident. She simply stated that she was swimming alongside the boat and found that the ocean current was too strong. So, she grabbed on to the side of the boat so she would not drift away and be lost at sea. While gathering herself, she felt drops falling down upon her, nor realizing that it was Biggs peeing on her until it was too late. Chelsea may have been a little upset at the unsavory act, but not enough to let it ruin the good time.

“I did not want to be urinated on, that’s not something I was trying to get to happen. It did happen… and I’m still here.”

Handler joked about the situation to Conan O’Brien, not showing any sign of embarrassment at all. She didn’t try to downplay the incident either, especially with video footage of Jason Biggs peeing on her already on the internet.

“All of a sudden I looked up and Jason’s penis was there, and he was urinating on my face. I thought it was so funny that somebody would pee on someone’s face… I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t swim away, I was trapped. I was in a urinary Bermuda Triangle!”

It is unknown how the situation continued after the camera stopped, but Chelsea’s humorous attitude toward The Urinating (because every celebrity event needs a name now) hints that she really did not mind the sprinkle of humor. After all, she was in the ocean, possibly the biggest bath tub in the world.

Jason Biggs’ pee prank may be gross to most that view the video, some are even calling it a fake, claiming his pee stream was too weak to be real. Regardless, between his escapades in social media and in public, it is nearly guaranteed to never be a boring time hanging out with Biggs.

Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen, has not released her thoughts on The Urinating, but if Chelsea Handler is okay with it, maybe she is too.

[Photo Courtesy: Entertainment]