The Next Internet Stupid Meme is Tebowing

We’ve seen stupid memes like planking, owling, horsemanning and batmanning.

Now comes another one, Tebowing. If you watched the Denver Broncos game last Sunday, then you should have witnessed how Tim Tebow led his team’s astonishing fourth quarter comeback. It was after the game when Tebowing was born, as the quarterback knelt and started praying.

The website defined it clearly, “to get down on a knee and start praying even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.”

According to Jared Kleinstein, the site’s founder, he was watching the game with his friends when Tebow led the team and saw Tebow Tebowing.

“Everybody was jumping up and down, and we noticed Tebow Tebowing.” founder Jared Kleinstein with his friends after watching Tebow Tebowing

Stupid and harmless as these memes are, planking has claimed the life of an Australian man last May while doing it on railings and falling from the balcony.

Allow me to endorse Tebowing. Kneeling and praying, though just pretending, seems to be a safer alternative. What do you think?

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