Elisabeth Hasselbeck Surgery: Breast Cancer Widely Speculated Following ‘Mystery’ Surgery

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had surgery that will have her staying home from her gig on Fox & Friends for a couple of weeks. According to USA Today, the mystery surgery was unannounced on television until after it was completed, but no one is saying what the surgery was for. While it could be anything from a tonsillectomy to an appendectomy, there is a lot of speculation about the possibility that Hasselbeck has breast cancer.

“In case you were wondering where Elisabeth is today and this week, well, she had some surgery yesterday and she’s going to be out for a couple of weeks,” explained Hasselbeck’s Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck hasn’t tweeted post-surgery, and has not said anything about the procedure that she had done. However, the talk show host has previously said that she is “ready” to get the news that she would battle breast cancer. In a candid interview with Giuliana Rancic, Hasselbeck opened up about the possibility of a diagnosis — since her mom previously had it.

“I’m ready. In case. As ready as I think I am. I’ll call you,” Hasselbeck laughed, grabbing Rancic’s arm. “You know why? Because I think it’s coming,” she said more seriously. “I think I used to be more optimistic, but I think I’m just… the numbers would point to the fact that it’s coming. So, when I say I’m going to call you, I’m calling! You know, I think I’ve always felt as though it’s probably going to happen, and since I reached a certain age — and I’m young — but I do think that now it’s a matter of when,” Hasselbeck added.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s surgery could very well have been a lumpectomy — or even a mastectomy. It could have been because she was diagnosed with breast cancer, or it could have been precautionary (a la Angelina Jolie). However, many people seem to think that if Hasselbeck’s surgery wasn’t something very serious, she would have shared more information with the public — in order to curb the inevitable speculation.

The way that Hasselbeck’s Fox & Friends co-stars were talking? It sounds like this is/was something fairly serious — something more than having her wisdom teeth removed, for example.

“She is strong, she is tough, and a better athlete than me. We heard from her last night and she said she is feeling good. So, in a short time, she’ll be back on the set,” said Brian Kilmeade.

According to The Inquisitr, Hasselbeck has asked for privacy during this time.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]