October 16, 2014
Tom Cruise Dating Sandra Bullock Secretly? A Source Close To Bullock Reacts

Mission: Impossible is about Tom Cruise keeping his share of secrets in the portrayal of his character, but is he hiding a big one about dating Sandra Bullock? This is the latest rumor emerging in Hollywood gossip, reports Gack Hollywood.

According to the site, Cruise and Bullock are trying to find time for special date nights after having a few run-ins with one another. The celebrity news source cites The Enquirer in this newest claim about the two A-list stars' love life. After all, Tom hasn't dated since his split from Katie Holmes and Sandra Bullock hasn't been with anyone seriously since Jesse James.

Sources tell the tabloid that nothing but great chemistry exists between them and they've seen each other a couple of times. One insider says Tom and Sandra have only exchanged friendly greetings the few times they've been face-to-face.

Is there any validity to this story? According to the rumor-squashing website Gossip Cop, absolutely not. An insider said to be close with Sandra Bullock reacts to the rumor, saying that it's "not true" that friends are trying to set her up with Tom Cruise.

The Enquirer's insider says, "Now there's no one special for either of them. It's a natural love match."

Another source tells the tabloid that Cruise and Bullock "would be a match made in heaven." Gossip Cop comes back with saying "it's also a match made in pure fantasy."

While it's true that both of these stars are single with children, had scandalous break-ups, haven't been dating, and juggle their successful careers with family, that they'd be a good fit together.

Once again, Tom Cruise is being linked with another actress in Hollywood not known to be in a romantic relationship. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Cruise was believed to be romantically involved with Mission: Impossible co-star Laura Prepon soon after he was supposedly dating Rebecca Ferguson.

Back in April The National Enquirer got a lot of people worked up into thinking Tom and Mad Men star, Elisabeth Moss, would explore a relationship. Moss is also known for her belief in Scientology, which makes her another "perfect" fit for the movie star.

"Lizzie is beautiful, smart and a little quirky. She can hold her own in the spotlight, and marry­ing Tom would be good for both their careers," an "insider" told the tabloid at the time.

Maybe one of these days there will be solid confirmation on the celebrity's romantic partner. It seems that this isn't one of those stories. Tom Cruise dating Sandra Bullock is completely untrue.

[Image via The Guardian]