October 16, 2014
Beyoncé Knowles Topless? Nope, Pictures Of Doppelganger Circulate Instead

The internet almost exploded over the last few days when it was alleged that topless photos of Beyoncé Knowles had emerged.

However, in an unfortunate (or more likely fortunate when you consider that Beyoncé's involved) case of mistaken identity, the woman in the images turned out to be a former Big Brother contestant from the United Kingdom called Rachael White.

As you can imagine rumors soon started to circulate that Beyoncé had been the latest victim of the Fappening after news started to circulate that topless photos of the singer were online. But, as eagle-eyed readers will be able to tell, the woman in the above picture isn't actually Knowles. However, it must be said that White does bare an uncanny resemblance to the Grammy-award winning artist.

The pictures of White sunbathing topless are actually over three years old. That didn't stop people across social media immediately jumping to the conclusion that Beyoncé was the one who had actually been photographed without her top on. A few websites even started to allege that it was Knowles before it was finally revealed who the pictures were of.

White herself even tweeted on the matter, and it sound as if she was as surprised as anyone to see the photos re-emerge.

According to the Daily Star, White used to work as a Beyoncé Knowles impersonator. She then worked as a hairdresser before she ended up as a contestant on the hugely popular reality television show.

Meanwhile, last week various revelations regarding Beyonce's first sexual experiences were released courtesy of The Express. Not only was it alleged that Beyoncé actually lost her virginity to Jay-Z but reports soon started to circulate that she had admitted her first with her first boyfriend, Lyndall Locke, who she met in church, was terrible.

It was also reported that Beyonce was called "Dumbo" in school because her ears were "bigger than her head," while the fact that she was allegedly chubby also derailed her attempts to become more popular too.

It's safe to say that she eventually had the last laugh, though, because she is now widely regarded as one of the most successful singers in modern music, plus she's also been labelled arguably the most beautiful and glamorous women on the planet too.

Do you think that Rachael White looks like Beyoncé Knowles?

[Image via BP]