October 16, 2014
Jennifer Lopez Not Ashamed Of Her Three Divorces, Admits 'I Am Who I Am And I Am Human'

Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest Hollywood stars of our time, and to that end, it's no surprise that J. Lo has been married and divorced a few times, three to be precise.

During a recent interview with the Mirror, Lopez dished some details on the current state of her love life, and revealed that she doesn't like getting set up by her pals.

"[M]y friends try to set me up with a man but I think about who would be good enough to share the life of me and my kids," she told the publication.

Even though Lopez has hardly struggled to get a date since her divorce from her third husband Marc Anthony back in June, her relationship with Casper Smart was short-lived, after it emerged he had allegedly been sexting with transsexual model Sofie Vissa.

Since then, Dancing with the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy and ­choreographer JR Taylor both enjoyed dates with Jennifer Lopez, but nothing serious, as she admits that she's looking to settle down with something a little more stable, she revealed.

"My friends are constantly trying to set me up but I'm just not there right now. It's not something that's a priority. I have gone from relationship to relationship but, at the end of the day, I am not ashamed of the path I have taken or the lessons I have learned. I do what feels right in the moment. And right now it feels good to just be on my own and have some 'I love Jennifer' time, which I haven't done a lot in my life."

Lopez added that for the time being, until Mr. Right comes along, she is happy chilling and spending quality time with her kids.

"I am just spending time with myself and my kids. I still believe in love, of course, but the thing you think about most is who is good enough to come into the life of me and the kids?" she said.

There's also no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is protective when it comes to her kids, Max and Emme, as she said, "You just want the kids to know they are loved, that's the most important thing. Being a mother is my number one priority."