October 16, 2014
Gabriel Aubry Will 'Fight Any Attempt' By Halle Berry To Reduce Child Support - Here's Why!

Gabriel Aubry is reportedly not going to allow Halle Berry to reduce his child support payments without a fight!

As reported by the Inquisitr, Halle Berry recently filed court documents in a Los Angeles family court requesting her child support payments to Gabriel Aubry for their daughter to be reduced from $16,000 to $3,000 each month.

Halle Berry claims in the filed documents that Gabriel Aubry has abused the system by living off of her money instead of securing his own employment, according to TMZ.

According to what an inside source reported to Radar Online, Gabriel is not going to allow any reduction to occur without a courtroom battle - especially since "there is no proof" that he is "abusing the system."

"Gabriel is going to fight any attempt to reduce the child support payments. There is no proof that Gabe is abusing the system! He does still do modeling jobs."
The insider also stated that pursuing full-time work is very difficult for Gabriel Aubry only because of caring for his daughter.
"It's hard for him to pursue full-time work because he has joint custody of Nahla.There have been numerous modeling gigs Gabe has turned down simply because of the travel involved."
Based on the terms of the child support agreement originally established between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, according to Radar Online, Halle is listed as the primary breadwinner because of making "substantially more money" than Gabriel.

However, the formula that is used in the state of California to calculate child support payments takes into consideration all sources of income (including wages, commission and tips as well as real estate) in addition to the amount of time that is spent with the child by each parent in order to determine the appropriate payment amount.

When Halle Berry was first ordered to pay Gabriel Aubry $16,000 in child support payments, according to CNN, that marked the ending of an extensive legal battle over the custody of 6-year old Nahla.

Once the settlement was finalized on May 30, Halle Berry was also required to pay an additional $415,000 - which included $115,000 for retroactive child support and $300,000 to cover Gabriel Aubry's legal fees.

Do you think that Halle Berry is now trying to take Gabriel Aubry back to court to retaliate? Or, do you think that Halle is simply trying to balance the financial burden between herself and Gabriel Aubry accordingly?

{Image Credit: BET]