These Adorable Pictures Of Thieving Cats Will Help You Finally Understand The Term ‘Cat Burglar’

Cats are quite mischievous, and frankly speaking, being a kleptomaniac is in their blood. At the slightest chance they get, cats will whisk away what they want, right in front of you. Cats, like humans, do understand the basic rules, but just love to break them, and not stealing is perhaps the number one rule they routinely like to break — or at least bend with their super-cuteness.

As with all animals, food ranks high on the list of things to steal for cats, and some will do just about anything to get their paws on a delicious treat. Cats are quite strong-willed, and once they have their heart set on something, they focus all their mental ability to plot and plan their daring heist. Since cats have a brain that remarkably shares (90 percent) of its structure and folding patterns with humans, it’s no wonder a highly-skilled thief is often referred to as a “cat burglar.” These felines quite skillfully, and adorably, prove why.

Ready...Aim...Shoot. Now How Do I Get Down?

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I Am Sure George Must Have Had His Fill

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Ain't That Cute. They Don't Even Need Cookies

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The Cute Black-Ninja Strikes Again

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He Strikes.. He Scores. But That Ain't No Flying Fish Son

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The Stubborn Pancake Thief Strikes Again

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Just Waiting For My Buddies To The Party Started

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Only Upon Reviewing The Security Footage, Was The Thief Caught

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Catch Me If You Can

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Now That's What's Called A Sleight Of Hand

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One Day I Am Gonna Get Over My Fear Of Water... Beware Fish

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Oh. What A Big Nose You Have. And Its Frosted!

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Always Aim High... But Never Swallow More Than You Can Chew Such Confusing Times

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If Only Cats Had Plausible Thumbs.. Humanity Would Be Enslaved By Cats.. Wait?!

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Typical. You Borrow A Pen And Then Act Like You Own It

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Cats have a strong power over us weak humans, and they know it. Scientifically, they are far superior hunters than humans will ever be. The cerebral cortex of a cat contains 2x more neurons than a dog. That, coupled with their ultra-cute expressions and the ability to purr, makes us humans putty in their hands. Good luck punishing a cat!

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