Senior Citizens Are Jumping On The Online Dating Bandwagon, You Will Be Surprised By Their Demands

When the heart aches for companionship, age is just a number. Senior citizens over 50 are proving this adage quite enthusiastically. However, it is quite interesting to note their demands and expectations, especially considering their advanced age.

Entering the dating scene may seem daunting to people of any age who are newly unattached. Moreover, dating in one's senior years certainly isn't easy. However, a recent analysis of data on global online dating app revealed increasing number of older people are turning to online dating sites in a bid to find romance again.

To put it in perspective, after analyzing data from over two million of its active members, AYI found that at least half were aged 50 or over, reported AWD News. The platform attributes such an exponential rise in senior citizens dating like teenagers to the fundamental shift in societal attitudes. Moreover, the older generation is rapidly, and eagerly, taking to social media platforms like Facebook and treating these portals as a soft launching pad to enter the online dating scene.

However, these individuals have a rather stricter selection policy about their next partner when compared to teens and other young people. Interestingly, online dating sites have enthusiastically reworked their platforms to cater to the needs of older crowds, and they noticed some quite peculiar and somewhat concerning trends.

Elaborating upon the topic, AYI data insight expert Josh Fischer said, "People in their 50s -- particularly women -- are a lot pickier than millennials when it comes to the age of a potential suitor, and more likely to skip over predetermined mutual 'matches' than younger generations."

Women are actually looking at men who are at least five years younger to them, and are twice as likely to jump if such a suitable match comes up. However, for the men, age is just a number, and they are more likely to respond to a lot of women both younger and older. But in a deflating revelation, the platform justified this behavior to the likelihood that men are less likely to be the recipient of the first message as typical instigators, which makes them more responsive overall.

Seniors are more concerned about the location as well. In other words, cities with warmer climates are greater dating havens compared with colder weather climates. Essentially, the worst places to date in the United States for singles over 50 are Detroit, Michigan; Buffalo, New York; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Whereas the best places for senior citizens are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Austin, Texas; and Salt Lake City, Utah, reported AYI.

Coming to the all-important topic of physical intimacy, senior citizens are more likely to take things a little slow, but expressed interest to see "where things go," rather than jumping in the bed on the very first or second date. Apparently, despite the popular notion that older people only hook-up for emotional, physical, and mental comfort, apparently sexual connection between two people becomes more important the older people get.

[Image Credit | SeniorDating]