‘RHONJ’ Star Amber Marchese Reveals Why Her Marriage Works

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese was shocked when her husband decided to reveal various secrets in front of the cast in Florida, because she had hoped that the things she had told him would be kept between them. Amber was quick to say that she would not participate and began distancing herself from him, as he lashed out at Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea. But Marchese eventually forgave her husband, even though she didn’t agree with his actions.

It has been months since they filmed the Florida trip and Amber Marchese is back home in New Jersey with her husband. And as fans saw on the previous episode of the show, it appears that the romance is back in their marriage. It takes quite a bit to rattle these two, as they have survived the hellish drama of reality television and beaten Amber Marchese’s breast cancer together.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese is now revealing that her marriage works because of the smaller things that they do for one another. And this morning, Marchese revealed that her husband brings her coffee in bed every morning, even though he is busy getting ready for work.

But Amber and her husband also have similar wants and needs when it comes to their children. According to The Inquisitr, Jim Marchese really liked watching Joe Gorga parent his daughter, Antonia, about boyfriends. Amber revealed that Jim felt the same way about his children, and this was the only thing that fans really saw of the family and children. In the first couple of episodes, Jim scared his children with a large pig, but when he revealed that he worked with the prosecutor’s office going after Joe Giudice, that appeared to be the new storyline for Marchese.

Even though Jim has been portrayed as the villain this season, it is clear that he does have an emotional side. On this week’s episode, Jim went with Amber Marchese to do a photo shoot to celebrate five years of being cancer free. Amber proudly showed off her scars from the breast cancer surgery, and while she was shining bright, Jim broke down and had to leave for a brief moment to regain his composure.

It is no secret that this breast cancer journey has made them stronger, even though it was a scary experience. Have you changed your mind about Jim after Amber Marchese’s comment that he does sweet things for her?

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