Queen Elizabeth Alzheimer's: Scheming Camilla Parker Bowles Behind Rumor, Latest Report Claims

Does Queen Elizabeth II really have Alzheimer's Disease? Or is the report of her allegedly deteriorating mental condition nothing more than a scurrilous rumor spread by the Queen's supposed chief rival for the throne — her own daughter-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles?

A modern-day Shakespearean drama appears to be unfolding behind the impenetrable walls of Buckingham Palace, as a new report says that Britain's second-longest-reigning monarch is not suffering from the dread neurological disorder — that causes memory loss and impaired ability to understand what is going on in the outside world. Instead, the new report says, the Alzheimer's story is part of a plot by Parker Bowles.
According to the reports of Queen Elizabeth and her alleged Alzheimer's, the 88-year-old — who is less than a year away from overtaking her own great-great grandmother Queen Victoria's record 63-year, seven-month reign — cannot even remember that her grandson Prince William is married to Kate Middleton.

But is it true? As she approaches 90 years old, even the aides closest to the queen privately concede that her health is not what it used to be. But according to this new twist in the royal tale, Queen Elizabeth may not be stricken with Alzheimer's at all, though it would not be unusual for a woman of her age to show symptoms of the still-mysterious brain disease.

The Epoch Times newspaper reports that public reaction in Britain to the Alzheimer's report has been to immediately cast suspicion on the Queen's daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The second wife of Prince Charles, who at age 65 is getting on in years himself but nonetheless remains the direct heir to the throne, is said to be scheming against the queen, who she believes is trying to push her out of the royal family because she can't bear the thought of Camilla taking the title of Queen upon Elizabeth's death.
Though she is not necessarily guaranteed the title simply as the presumptive future king's wife, Prince Charles has been reported to favor naming Camilla as Queen when he finally ascends to the throne.

Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

According to an earlier report in the Globe tabloid — the same source that reported the Alzheimer's rumors — Queen Elizabeth has drawn up a financial golden parachute for Camilla, to buy her out so she will consent to a divorce from Prince Charles.

But Camilla is determined to sit on the throne, reports say, and will go to any length to push Queen Elizabeth off.

Nonetheless, Queen Elizabeth has pledged that she will not abdicate her monarchy, and will honor her oath to reign over the United Kingdom until her death.