Emily Osment, Molly Ringwald Voice Rainbow Brite And Her Nemesis In Cartoon Reboot [Video]

Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald’s new roles in the Rainbow Brite cartoon reboot might give some nostalgic 80s kids the perfect Halloween costume ideas.

Emily Osment is voicing Rainbow Brite in a “limited series” event for the video-on-demand network Feeln, which is available online and on Roku, Xbox, mobile phones, and tablets. The series will premiere on November 6.

Those who grew up in the 80s will remember Rainbow Brite as the cute and colorful cartoon character whose job was to ensure that the world stayed bright and prismatic. According to E! Online, Emily Osment’s incarnation of Rainbow Brite will embark on “a quest to save Rainbowland from dark forces.”

Rainbow Brite’s main nemesis will be The Dark Princess, a character who was featured in the Rainbow Brite and The Star Stealer movie. In the animated film, The Dark Princess attempts to steal a planet called Spectra because it’s the largest diamond in the universe. It’s also a giant prism that all light in the universe must pass through, and the greedy villain’s attempt to drag it back to her world envelopes the Earth in an eternal winter.

Molly Ringwald will voice The Dark Princess in the Rainbow Brite reboot, and she’ll be the main antagonist of the series. There’s no word on whether the other big Brite baddies, Murky Dismal and his sidekick Lurky, will pop up on the show. Murky’s main goal was to destroy all colors so that the world would be bleak and gray.

The trailer for the Rainbow Brite reboot features a much skinnier Rainbow Brite with eyes that look like they belong on a My Little Pony character. Her talking horse Starlite also got a makeover — now he’s a narcissistic “stallion” who can flex his pecs (he looks nothing like a My Little Pony character). Judging from the video, Brite has to think of cute things (like two sea otters holding hands) to power up her magic rainbow beam. Other notable moments in the trailer include the word “rad” getting used (how retro!) and a normal human boy being transported to Rainbowland via rainbow beam.

Rainbow Brite And Starlite

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Color Kids will also appear on the show. Former Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment, who currently stars on ABC Family’s Young & Hungry, released a statement saying that she’s thrilled to be voicing an animated icon.

“Being cast as the voice of Rainbow Brite for the relaunch of this iconic show is truly an honor. I look forward to connecting with the audience, old and new, and going on this exciting adventure together.”

Iris Ichishita, head of original entertainment at Feeln, said that the reboot “captures the essence of the original series — but with a vision that resonates today.”

What do you think of the Rainbow Brite trailer?

[Image credit: Feeln]