Kanye West Slates Scott Disick For Being A ‘Hot, Toxic Mess’ And Disrespecting Kourtney Kardashian

Kanye West is the last person to keep things to himself if he feels strongly about something as is clear from his numerous outbursts on a variety of different issues during his years as a celebrity.

Reports now have it that Kanye is sharing his thoughts regarding the way Scott Disick is treating his sis-in-law, Kourtney, as a result of his partying and binge drinking, which he reportedly partakes in often.

Hollywood Life reported today that a source told them that Kanye West is getting all protective over Kourtney all of a sudden and has taken issue with Disick on a number of different fronts.

The source said, according to the publication, that Scott’s “drinking like the world is about to end” is leading him to totally disrespect Kourtney, despite the fact she’s pregnant and despite the fact she already has two children.

According to the source, Kanye thinks that Scott needs to stop fooling around and start taking some responsibility as a father aged 31. The source shared, “Kanye would never leave Kim when she was pregnant unless it was to bring money back home to the family… big money. He didn’t leave Kim alone when she was pregnant unless he was clocking six figures.”

The insider said about Disick, “The fool is out and about, clubbing and s***, drinking like the world is about to end. He’s a mess. A hot, toxic mess.”

On top of that, the source added that it’s obvious to most people that when their wife or girlfriend is pregnant they should be there for them and not out at night clubs and bars partying with other women and getting wasted.

“When your girl is pregnant, guess what — you’re pregnant, too. You’re supposed to be there, with your babe, eating Godiva chocolate, having seconds at dinner, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and being supportive. Not drinking alcohol.”

Even though it was widely reported that Scott Disick gave up drinking back in June, having been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, it seems that Scott went back to the bottle over the summer.

It remains to be seen whether or not Kanye West‘s candor will be successful in helping Scott Disoick to see the light and man up as a father, for his sake and Kourtney’s.