‘NCIS’ Spoilers: ‘Choke Hold’ Brings Potential New Love Interest For DiNozzo

A new episode of NCIS is airing Tuesday night on CBS and fans definitely will not want to miss this one. The Season 12, Episode 4 show is titled “Choke Hold,” and there are some wild things ahead. What NCIS spoilers are available for the October 14 episode?

NCIS spoilers via the synopsis at TV Guide detail that the team will be investigating the murder of a Naval research scientist. The prime suspect happens to be wanted by the Russian government and the team will be put on a joint terrorism task force to get to the bottom of the case. This is a particularly bloody and vicious case, it seems, and the team will have quite the challenge ahead of them.

Stephanie Jacobsen plays the task force leader and NCIS spoilers have previously indicated that she may be sticking around for a bit. Jacobsen will play Leia Pendergast, and she may develop into a new love interest for DiNozzo. While many fans still yearn for Cote de Pablo’s Ziva, it seems that may well be time for DiNozzo to move on. It does seem, though, that the show recognizes that they need to ease fans into this.

Jacobsen may well be a familiar face to many television fans. She played Niko Takeda in Revenge and Eva Benton in Star-Crossed. She has had a number of other roles on television as well, including stints on Melrose Place and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Will she be a good fit for DiNozzo? Fans will get to see what they think come Tuesday night’s episode.

One NCIS spoiler sneak peek from CBS shows DiNozzo and Pendergast sharing a bit of banter with one another and fans anticipate there may well be quite a bit more. It seems that Gibbs and DiNozzo will be trying to run interference with Pendergast on the investigation and it may be an interesting dynamic.

While the team works hard on the case at hand, there are some less serious moments as well. Another CBS NCIS spoiler sneak peek shows DiNozzo and McGee having some guy talk over a racy magazine article. Bishop comes in and the guys quickly change the subject, but Bishop isn’t having it. She steps in to put them in their place and then she gets busted by Gibbs. Cue awkward moments all around.

It all goes down in the Season 12, Episode 4 show of NCIS titled “Choke Hold” airing on Tuesday, October 14 on CBS.

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