Britney Spears Recruits A Backstreet Boy For Tour

Britney Spears is taking a Backstreet Boy on tour with her, but not to bring her Starbucks macchiatos or anything - to actually sing.

Howie Dorough will be supporting Spears on her "Femme Fatale" tour next month, opening her shows with tracks from his solo debut album and maybe - is it too much to dream? - Everybody (disclaimer: probably just writer's wishful thinking)

Specifically, the singer will open for Britney on all of her South American dates, from November 20th to 28th. Earlier today he gibbered on Twitter (twibbered?):

"I'm so excited that I'm going [to be] joining @britneyspears on several dates of the Femme Fatale tour! Can't wait to see all my lovelies in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela!! VIP info will be coming next week."
Dorough is releasing a solo album, "Back to Me," on November 15th, but will rejoin Backstreet Boys after his Britney dates for a December performance in the Bahamas. That BB show will mark the return of fifth member Kevin Richardson, who has recently made noises about performing with the group on a more regular basis.

Beyond December, Backstreet Boys are due to resume their European tour with New Kids on the Block, starting in spring 2012. Collectively, they are to be known as 'NKOTBSB,' which could be the catchiest acronym I've ever read.

Anyone intending to catch Britney on her tour? And may I gently mock you if so?