‘Teresa Aprea Didn’t Have My Support Over Teresa Giudice,’ Says Dina Manzo

Teresa Aprea has been filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, but she may have gotten more than what she bargained for with a handful of rumors. She learned that rumors had been spread about her family, which claimed that her husband, Rino Aprea, had been cheating on her with her own mother, Santa Aprea.

But Teresa Aprea was shocked when Jim Marchese yelled out the rumor when the girls were in Florida. Dina Manzo had tried to warn her about the rumor, but she wouldn’t listen. Shockingly, Teresa Aprea thought that Dina had known about the rumor for a while and had been talking about it. But now Dina is sharing her thoughts about the whole situation.

According to a new Bravo report, Dina never sided with Teresa Aprea over her longtime friend, Teresa Giudice. Even though she wanted to tell Aprea about the rumor, she did ask Giudice about the confrontation first.

“I wasn’t team Teresa over Teresa at any time at all. I was team Santa. Parents and children are off limits, and Victoria should know better. Teresa just wanted Teresa to apologize for even entertaining the rumor. I just wanted it all to go away,” Manzo has said about Teresa Aprea, adding, “I never said at any time I thought Teresa was in the wrong, what I said VERY clearly is that I understood TerEsa’s position and I would relay the message to Teresa in hopes that this can all be washed away.

Of course, Teresa was shocked to learn that her co-stars were talking about her and her family behind her back. According to the Inquisitr, Teresa Aprea has revealed that she wasn’t upset with Jim Marchese because he simply repeated the rumor. Aprea is more upset with her co-stars for talking about her family behind her back and believing that this story could indeed be true.

The Florida trip ended with Dino Aprea denying the rumor. He denied it by saying that he could have given the girls plenty of gossip about himself and Teresa that would have been more believable.

It is clear that there is a divide between the twins and Amber Marchese. Even after the show has ended, there have been feuds on Twitter. It is uncertain how things played out on the reunion, but fans will see soon enough as this short season will come to an end next week.

What do you think of Dina staying on Giudice’s side over Teresa Aprea?

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