Could Kate Middleton And Prince William Adopt?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have expressed their desire of having a large family but with the Duchess’ difficult pregnancy, could they be considering adopting more children? It’s complicated for a royal to go down that path but if anyone is going to take the plunge, so to speak, these royals would be the ones.

Everyone knows that Kate and William are not your typical royal couple. They are very “normal” considering their station in life and even though the Duchess is a commoner, she comes from a self-made privileged family. As she continues to struggle with hypermesis gravidarum during her second pregnancy (as she did with Prince George), the rumor is that she may be done having kids.

If that is indeed the case, we can’t blame her. From what is being reported in the British press, Kate Middleton is currently in very bad shape, throwing up as many as 30-times each day. She has fled to her parents house in Buckleberry looking for privacy and comfort away from household staff.

It sounds miserable, but it doesn’t mean that William and Kate’s dreams of having more kids has to die once she has this royal baby, which we all hope is as healthy as his/her big brother George seems to be. Though definitely not the norm in the Monarchy, it is not forbidden as far as we understand it.

The only problem were Kate Middleton and Prince William to adopt children would be that they would not be heirs to the throne and their titles would only be on paper. But already having at least one natural child, George, who is third in line to the throne after his father, that is not an obstacle or an issue that puts the Monarchy in jeopardy. The Act of Settlement determines that succession to the throne is a blood descendant only.

In April of 2013 a bill known as Succession To The Crown Act 2013 was made official in the U.K. This new document changed the way in which heirs can ascend to the throne of England. The most important change is that girls could potentially be heirs, so if Prince George of Cambridge would have been a female he would still be third in line. In the past, females were not considered for the title unless they followed the rules of Male Preference Primogeniture. Now, they cannot be skipped in favor of a younger male.

Before George was born, there were ramblings regarding adoption for Kate and William. However, that all died down after his birth but, with a second difficult pregnancy, nobody could blame the Duke and Duchess if they were to consider adopting. If anyone is going to break the mold in the Royal Family, it is bound to be them.

[Image via Royal Correspondent]