Worlds Dumbest Woman Blames Ubuntu for College Failure

Meet Abbie Schubert, an attractive looking college student who would we’d be blissfully unaware of, until she blames Ubuntu for her failure to complete two semesters at college.

The story starts innocently enough. Schubert ordered a brand new $1,100 Dell laptop to help her with her college studies. Despite Linux being an optional extra, she managed to order a Dell laptop with Ubutnu installed. This is where it gets interesting.

Having no idea what Ubuntu was, she inserts her Verizon High-Speed Internet CD into the laptop, and it won’t load, so she can’t access the internet. She also can’t install Microsoft Word, which she says is a requirement for her college’s classes.

To quote the report: “As a result, with no internet and no Microsoft Word, Schubert dropped out of MATC’s fall and spring semesters.”

Holy crap, how dumb is this woman. The version of Ubuntu she had comes standard with Open Office, so she obviously never tried opening a document. Second: despite some flaws with Linux, exactly how difficult is it to use a setup wizard to get online…oh, but it doesn’t support the CD hardly anyone ever uses from the ISP which is Windows only.

Despite her complete and utter stupidity, help is at hand: Verizon has offered to dispatch a technician to assist her accessing the internet without the CD, and her college says it will accept any of her papers or class documents using whatever software she has installed.


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