275 Pound Woman Told To Use Zoo MRI

Kansas City woman Carolyn Ragan sadly discovered she had a tumor, not great news for anyone, but what happened next is quite unique.

Ragan isn’t exactly anything we’d call small: her 5 foot stature is complimented with 275 pounds around her waist, and that means that even the most modern tech may not cater for her.

Regan claims she was told by her local hospital to go the zoo to have a MRI because a regular MRI machine could not hold her weight. According to FoxNews: “he suggested the Kansas City Zoo,” Ragan said. “I thought, I know I’m big, but I’m not as big as an elephant. And my husband got mad.”

According to experts, her problem was two fold: she was too heavy for the table, and too wide to fit through the slot.

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