'Teen Mom' Star Leah Calvert Slams Corey Simms: 'Everything In The Article Was False'

Teen Mom star Leah Calvert may have been the primary caretaker of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, but her ex-husband, Corey Simms, wanted to fight for his right to see the girls more than he did in his primary custody agreement. And when he learned that Leah hadn't been keeping up with Ali's therapy classes, he thought that was great leverage against her in court to get more time with the girls.

Leah Calvert remains shocked that Corey would go against her when it comes to custody, and Calvert claims that she was called an "unfit mother" during court hearings. Fans of the show only saw the beginning of this court drama, and Leah recently revealed that they continue to battle it out. And it sounds like things are getting nasty between them because Corey's attorney recently gave an interview with a tabloid magazine.

According to new tweets, Teen Mom star Leah Calvert is now revealing that everything said in the recent In Touch article is completely false, and she is disappointed that her ex-husband would take their custody issues to the media. She claims that this shows Corey and his lawyer don't have the girls' best interest in mind during this custody battle.

"Corey believes he's in a position to provide more stability and consistency than the children are receiving now," said Rusty Webb, Simms's attorney in this custody matter.

Leah Calvert is extremely hurt that Corey and his lawyer decided to do an interview to bring more attention to the matter. Calvert claims that she would never tell her side of the story to a magazine, but she has been using social media to share her opinions of the matter. And she continued to do so after reading the article about her custody battle.

Since both Leah and Simms film Teen Mom, it is possible that they will use scenes from the show as evidence in their cases. Leah Calvert has expressed concern that Corey will use her drug use in support of his claims that the girls would get a more stable life with him. During an episode, Calvert took some anti-anxiety medication, which made her tired and dizzy. She wasn't with her girls when she was filming this scene, slurring her words and concerning her family members, but Corey could use it against her.

At present time, Leah Calvert and her ex-husband continue to battle in court for custody, according to The Inquisitr. On the Teen Mom reunion, it sounded like they could meet half-way and make something work, but Leah's tweets reveal that they are still battling it out.

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