Channing Tatum Might Walk Away With An Oscar Nomination This Year — Here’s How!

Channing Tatum has a strong chance of generating some Oscar buzz this award season.

Chances are he might not get nominated for 22 Jump Street. Even if Magic Mike XXL, was released on Christmas Day, the Academy would more than likely not even give it a second thought.

Fortunately, neither of those movies are the “golden goose” that can lead both Channing Tatum and Steve Carell to the Oscar race during next year’s award ceremony. For both actors, it is their memorable and riveting performances in Foxcatcher that has generated more Oscar buzz than any other role in their respective careers.

One of the main reasons why Channing Tatum has a strong chance of earning an Oscar nomination for his work in Foxcatcher is because of the man seated in the driver’ seat of this film – Bennett Miller. It is true that Bennett Miller has only directed two movies before Foxcatcher, which means that he will only have a fraction of the filmography that other directors in the Oscars race have.

However, when you take into consideration that his first two feature films were Capote and Moneyball, those big-screen credits alone should speak volumes. Keep in mind that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman won his first and only Oscar for his performance as the leading actor in Capote. Channing Tatum’s 22 Jump Street co-star, Jonah Hill, received his first Oscar nomination working as a supporting actor in Moneyball.

The fact this two feature films received Oscar nominations should make Bennett Miller one of the most sought-out directors in Hollywood. As long as Foxcatcher is able to close the deal and get the Oscar buzz it seems to deserve, he will be.

This will also mean that Channing Tatum and Steve Carell have a chance to ride on his coattails to the finish line of the Oscars race – potentially walking away with their own statues by the time everything is said and done.

Can you imagine Channing Tatum with an Oscar? Can you even imagine Channing Tatum with an Oscar nomination?

Many people might cringe at the idea of Channing Tatum being considered such a serious actor. However, he has already been able to prove his versatility over the years. He has been a voice actor. He has played a street thug-turned-classically trained dancer. A high school basketball player on a team that goes from being the underestimated underdogs to the top contenders in the state. A young-looking cop who has to go undercover as a high school student. A stripper. An aspiring White House secret service agent. Some sort of strange werewolf-human hybrid in one of the most highly-anticipated science fiction films being released in 2015.

The list goes on and on.

What do you think? Can Channing Tatum take his role as the mentally disturbed wrestler in Foxcatcher to the finish line of the Oscar race?

[Image Credit: NY Daily News]

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