Miles Teller Deserves An Oscar Nomination For ‘Whiplash’ — Here’s Why!

Miles Teller definitely deserves an Oscar nomination for his work in the film, Whiplash.

When you take into consideration the amount of preparation and focus that pulling off this type of role requires — in addition to the high-level musical side of the performance — the Academy has to take his work into consideration. Even though he might not win the awards race as the Best Actor, he will at least generate a substantial amount of buzz, which can open up some more doors for him in the future.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, Miles Teller was able to shine a light on his performance and spoke openly about the other talents that he has been polishing and practicing over the years besides his acting which helped him to perform well in Whiplash.

“I grew up playing piano, then I played saxophone for a little bit. I was in the high school band, and I had a drum set when I was, like, 15. I never took a drum lesson — I took piano and saxophone lessons. But I always took my drum kit with me. “

Miles Teller even had a little experience when it came to playing in a band, especially since he played in one himself during his high school days.

“Yeah. We called ourselves The Mutes, because we were playing at homecoming court, and right when we were supposed to start jamming out, the power in our generators went out.”

The intensity of his character’s drum playing during the movie reaches a point where his hands literally start to bleed. Based on what Miles Teller stated in the interview, that actually did happen to him on the set.

“Yeah. I’d show up on set, and there would be blood on the cymbals and all this s—t. I’m like, “Damien [who is a former jazz musician], how realistic is this? I don’t want to lose our audience by just being this outlandish with it.” But he said that, when he was playing all the time, his hands were all torn up. And when I started practicing four hours a day for weeks [for the film], I started getting blood blisters. So it was pretty real.”

Perhaps that is the type of authenticity that is needed in order for Miles Teller to get the attention of the Academy this fall.

If it was up to his fans, Miles Teller would definitely win whatever award was available in order to recognize him for his high-caliber acting.

What do you think? Does Miles Teller deserve an Oscar nomination for this performance?

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