‘Cristela’ Is A Sitcom Stepping Stone For Cristela Alonzo – Here’s Why!

Cristela is one of the newest shows that were recently added to the ABC lineup.

The sitcom cast is led by up-and-coming comedian Cristela Alonzo as well as a host of supporting actors and actresses – including Carlos Ponce, Terri Hoyos, Maria Canals-Berrera, and Gabriel Iglesias.

Over the past several weeks, the show has been receiving a lot of promotions and marketing through online advertisements and televised commercials on ABC. For many hopeful fans of family sitcoms and, more importantly, Cristela Alonzo, there were a lot of expectations for this show to be a major hit right from the start.

However, that is not the impression many reviewers and critics have had about Cristela at all — especially since the pilot episode of the show aired on Friday night.

According to Tim Goodman’s review published by The Hollywood Reporter, the only presence of potential in this particular sitcom is in its lead actress.

“The show isn’t good at all, but its star, stand-up comedienne Cristela Alonzo, has a bright future.”

The Hollywood Reporter is definitely not the only media outlet that feels the same way about the show – or, particularly about the potential that Cristela Alonzo has which is being wasted by the show. The Wrap stated in a recent article that Cristela is so bad that the show is “downright offensive.”

“It’s time to lump Cristela Alonzo in the same category with John Mulaney and Rebel Wilson. Sometimes incredibly funny people just make terrible sitcoms. Cristela has a delightful charm about her, but ABC’s ‘Cristela’ is so bad it’s downright offensive.”

Twenty years ago, it seemed fairly easy for a popular stand-up comedian that had a solid act and fairly good acting skills could transition their comedy into a highly successful sitcom.

Bill Cosby. Jerry Seinfield. Ray Barone. Martin Lawrence. Steve Harvey. Bernie Mac. Jeff Foxworthy. Chris Rock. George Lopez. The list can go on and on.

However, there have been many other stand-up comedians that simply took a wrong turn somewhere or did not fully develop the concept of their series to the point where it could be successful – and ended up being absolute failures in the world of sitcoms as a result.

Cristela Alonzo has been able to prove that she has a great story and will continue to grow and develop as a successful comedian. However, unless there are some drastic changes made to Cristela ASAP, this show does not seem like it is going to be her golden ticket to sitcom success.

What do you think about Cristela? Will it be a hit or a miss for Cristela Alonzo?

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