Watch As This Man Attempts To BASE Jump Into A Rooftop Pool From 1200 Foot Tower [Video]

A video uploaded to LiveLeak shows three guys BASE jumping off the Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia. The men are attempting to jump into a hotel’s rooftop pool from the location. The tower is one of the world’s largest, and is a staggering 1,200 feet tall. The rooftop pool that the jumpers are attempting to land in is atop a 34-story hotel building.

There is a party happening below, and these BASE jumpers plan on crashing it in style. One jumper is wearing a camera, and watches as his friend leaps from the building to the pool below. Next it is his turn. You can see him step to the edge and take the leap. He aims for the pool and lands almost perfectly. A girl swims to him as he makes his smooth landing. He gets out of the pool just in time to catch the third jumper coming in for his landing.

The girl is still in the pool, and for a moment I thought she might get hit. However, the third jumper lands before crashing into the girl, and all three continue on to the pool party. People can be seen clapping and cheering for the daredevil BASE jumpers as they take their place at the party.

Sadly, not all BASE jumps end well. Two BASE jumpers were killed in the French Alps in a horrifying accident in August of this year. Also, last year, a BASE jumper died when he crashed into a California mountain.

What do you think of the BASE jumpers pool party stunt?