Hugh Grant Is Stupid For Dropping Out Of ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary 3′ — Here’s Why!

Hugh Grant has pulled out of Bridget Jones’ Diary 3, according to a report released by Us Weekly.

Even though many actors and actresses pull out of movie projects for different reasons, Hugh Grant is an absolute idiot for pulling out of this one.


Well, keep in mind that Hugh Grant is located nowhere near the A-List of actors in Hollywood. Even if the average Hugh Grant believes that he was on the A-List once upon a time, those days ended nearly two decades ago.

A lot has happened in Hollywood since the days of Nine Months and Mickey Blue Eyes. Hugh Grant’s personal problems have definitely taken a drastic toll on his professional success and overall potential as an actor. Therefore, when solid opportunities come his way, his best bet is to hold on tight to them and refuse to let a single one slip through his fingers. However, by pulling out of the third installment of the most commercially successful franchise in his filmography, Hugh Grant is cutting his chances for a Hollywood comeback drastically short.

While it is true that Hugh Grant will star in the highly-anticipated, Guy Ritchie-directed film The Man from U.N.C.L.E., he is basically putting all of his eggs in one basket — and that’s not a very smart move for someone in his position.

Perhaps the saddest part is that Hugh Grant does have the potential to perform well on screen.

There is no reason for him not to be able to hold his own weight on-screen alongside other A-list celebrities that have been able to maintain their position in the Hollywood spotlight for decades or even breakthrough actors that are new to the business.

Many studios might feel that he is simply not worth the risk – especially with big budget pictures – for one reason or another. However, by making the right moves in his personal and professional life, Hugh Grant can make a comeback.

Think about the comeback that Robert Downey Jr. was able to make. In less than a decade, he went from being basically blacklisted in Hollywood to becoming one of highest-paid, in-demand actors.

However, a good question to ask, then, is this – Would Robert Downey, Jr. still have the same clout in Hollywood that he does today if he decided to pull out of Iron Man 2?

What do you think? Is Hugh Grant making the right move? Or, is he a complete idiot?

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