McDonald’s Was Last Stop On Bad-Acid-Trip Terrorist’s Week-Long Hijinks — You Won’t Believe What He Did To This Sleepy Washington Town

Going to McDonald’s has been described as the great equalizing experiences of American culture. Like a Don Draper famously said of Coca-Cola in Mad Men, it’s the same whether a Wall Street businessman is grabbing lunch there or a homeless man from the streets is pulling together a few quarters to buy a small box of chicken McNuggets.

But one branch of the McDonald’s franchise in the town of Washington took the “Come As You Are” vibe on the iconic hamburger joint to an extreme, when it was the host of the last stop of a week-long series of bizarre events that kept the town living fear for a week. The robberies and assaults were all at the hands of 23-year-old George Jacobson, a self-proclaimed meth user who had spent the entire prior week on a bad acid trip running wild around the town. Victims of his crimes are still too disturbed by the events to speak with the press, reported Vocativ.

Long before being apprehended at the McDonald’s, David was first spotted on September 26 inside the barn of local resident Sherman Deach with a black boot in his hand — a plot device that will reappear later. Upon being questioned by Deach, Jacobson silently cowered before he fled the scene. Vocativ reports that the series of events that followed grew in intensity.

“But it didn’t take long for the drug-addled suspect to find himself in another pickle. Within a half hour, Jacobson had managed to break into a neighboring house, take a handgun from the back bedroom and find himself face-to-face with the terrified homeowner, Nikki Foster, in her kitchen.

“What do you want?” Foster finally asked.

Food and a glass of water, Jacobson barked. Foster complied, but told the suspect that he couldn’t just go around breaking into people’s homes. He told her that he was on a “spiritual journey” and that he had “jewels.” To prove it, he pulled out his black boot and dumped a number of items out of the footwear. He told Foster that she was nice and reminded her not to call the cops.”

The man’s bizarre behavior continued for several days, before he was apprehended at the McDonald’s. He racked up charges of robbery, burglary, kidnapping, criminal trespassing, and vehicle prowling. During his alleged bad acid trip, he stole two firearms as well as a vehicle.

David Jacobson crime spree finally hit a wall when he insisted that a man take him by a local McDonald’s to get a drink while forcing him to chauffeur him around the community at gunpoint. Cops apprehended David at the scene, and are currently holding him on a $1 million bail at Pierce County Jail.

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