WWE: The Undertaker Photos Indicate Mark Calaway Is Ready To Retire?

When it comes to the WWE, The Undertaker has been a defining figure in professional wrestling. But as age edges Mark Calaway closer and closer to his own “last ride,” some fans are speculating the recent increase in The Undertaker photos being released by his wife, Michelle McCool, indicates the Deadman may actually be ready for retirement.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, an indirect hint on what is to come may have come from the official WWE.com website, which published an article claiming Roman Reigns may take over The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. Of course, that particular idea may be in doubt, since recovery from hernia surgery can take up to six months in the worst case scenario, although Reigns’ health update on RAW had him proclaiming the injury was not his kryptonite.

Lately, all of The Undertaker photos have almost been used like a health monitor, with fans and sports writers alike speculating on Mark Calaway’s health condition based upon his appearance in the personal pictures. While many seem to think The Undertaker’s health appeared better in photos taken before WrestleMania 30, others believe he looks healthy and happy, but that’s not exactly a doctor’s opinion or an official statement.

One of the most interesting rumors going around the WWE Universe at the moment is the idea that the sudden increase in the personal photos on Michelle McCool’s Instagram account somehow indicate Calaway is considering retiring from the WWE. The justification for this idea is that Calaway and McCool have long been extremely private when it comes to their personal lives, even after she retired herself and gave birth to their daughter, Kaia Faith Calaway. So why the sudden change?

When McCool first launched her Instagram account, it seems like she was being careful to show The Undertaker in any family photos, and she referred to her husband only as “hubby” or “hubs.” Often times, fans were only able to see an arm or a leg, but not Calaway’s face.

The Undertaker July 2014

Several months ago, there was a notable change, and McCool began posting photos of The Undertaker fully in the light (well, except for when the Deadman did the ice bucket challenge). They are often shown together, living their normal everyday lives, and she also sometimes refers directly to her husband by name.

There are two ways fans appear to be interpreting The Undertaker’s photo on Instagram. The first opinion claims there is no correlation between these photos and Calaway’s wrestling career. Since it’s now an open secret that The Undertaker is showing up on her account, McCool simply doesn’t feel the need to hide her husband away. The second opinion claims the photos are an indication that McCool and Calaway are moving into a new phase in their lives, with the implication being that The Undertaker is considering retiring from the WWE.

Unfortunately, the latter viewpoint does have some evidence in its favor. In recent WWE news reports on the WrestleMania 31 match schedule, it was indicated that “The Undertaker hasn’t ruled out ‘one more match,’ but also hasn’t settled one way or another.” In addition, when fans met Mark Calaway in person at a recent Comic Con in Texas, the prevailing opinion seemed to be that The Undertaker was seriously considering retirement.

The Undertaker apparently told several fans that he does not even plan to attend WrestleMania 31, never mind actually wrestling, although he also added the caveat that he can “never say never.” Surprisingly enough, when fans asked about the possibility of The Undertaker Vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31, he simply shrugged the idea off, but that could be interpreted as him not wanting to violate any WWE non-disclosure agreement. Still, the WWE has already begun advertising The Undertaker’s face on the side of the official WWE buses for WrestleMania 31, so if Calaway is interested in returning for 2015, then you know Vince McMahon or Triple H won’t say no.

If The Undertaker does retire, what do you think Mark Calaway should do for his final appearance in the WWE?