Amanda Bynes Reportedly Having A Hard Time Adjusting To Life In Mental Health Facility

Amanda Bynes has been in the news headlines a lot recently, regarding the fact she is back in a mental health facility in order to deal with her personal issues.

An inside source told Radar Online that Bynes is finding it hard settling back into life “inside.”

“Amanda is having a tough time adjusting to being in treatment again. However, the facility she is in is truly first class and it will be a calming environment to deal with her issues out of the spotlight,” reported the insider.

It has been widely reported that Amanda Bynes flew to L.A. recently and checked herself into the Las Encinas mental health facility in Pasadena. She chose of her own free will to enter treatment after accusing her father, Rick, of physically abusing her.

Amanda decided that her Twitter account was the best place to have a go at her dad, and she accused him there of abusing her. But later she said she made the accusations due to a microchip which had been implanted in her brain against her will.

The source continued,

“In a rare moment of clarity before Amanda became a patient at the mental health facility in Pasadena, she actually deleted the posts on Twitter accusing her father of sexually abusing her. Amanda had read her mom Lynn’s statement strongly condemning her daughter’s false allegations.”

Apparently, according to the same publication, Britney Spears’ ex-manager, Sam Lufti, was instrumental in getting Bynes into the facility in L.A.

On Saturday, Amanda Bynes’ parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Bynes Organ, were seen arriving for a visit with Amanda at the facility.

The inside source finished by saying that everyone in Amanda’s life is supporting her and just wants her to get better, “Everyone who loves Amanda hopes she will take all the time she needs to rest and recover at the hospital.”