Public Nudity At The Dentist Gets Indiana Man Arrested

An Indiana man was arrested for public nudity and other criminal charges for what he did in the dentist office waiting room. Robert Gale was “going commando” (wearing no underwear) when a mother and her young children spotted him fondling himself.

Gale, 51, was arrested Thursday evening at HealthLinc, 1001 Sturdy Road after he was allegedly seen with his genitals out, bringing a complaint from a 36-year-old mother, whose four and six-year-old children were also in attendance. Robert Gale knew he had holes in his pants and may have been trying to get more than dental services.

The incident started when Robert Gale had been using a magazine to get her attention and the mother had glanced over at him. Upon noticing the man fondling his genitals, she looked away. Gale had allegedly hit his leg with the magazine to get her attention back, according to a report from ABC News.

Police arrived after Gale had been moved to an exam room, and his genitals could still be seen through the holes in his pants. The public nudity report claims that the mother’s six-year-old daughter had also seen his “package.”

According to the police report, Gale had told authorities he knew his pants were torn and didn’t have time to change. He also allegedly admitted later that he had arrived at the dentist office an hour early. He had known his genitals were publicly visible, but said he never took them out.

Robert Gale apparently knew the risk when he told the police about his history.

“I’ve been going commando since I was 18 years old so I don’t care if my (expletive) falls out.”

The mother’s part of the police report was done through a translator, though what language she was using is not known.

This was not the first time Robert Gale had done something illegal, having already had a warrant out for his arrest in Lake County. It is unknown whether his previous activities involved “going commando” or other sexual offenses.

Gale was arrested on charges including two felony counts of vicarious sexual gratification, plus misdemeanor public indecency and public nudity. He will likely be registered as a sex offender if he is convicted.

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