Victoria Wilcher Mauled By Pit Bull, Doctors Fix Her Face For Free Even After KFC Hoax

When little Victoria Wilcher was mauled by her grandfather’s pit bulls, she lost an eye and suffered from many noticeable facial wounds. Although the family had begun to raise money to pay for the costly facial reconstruction, Victoria’s story became nationally known when the so-called KFC hoax took place. Although the story was controversial, doctors responded by promising to give free plastic surgery for the Wilcher family and now they’ve begun to honor that commitment.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the original KFC hoax story included the claim that one of the local restaurants asked the family of Victoria Wilcher to leave because her facial scars made others uncomfortable. Two investigations were launched and the restaurant claimed they could find no evidence that the grandmother’s story was true. But the family insisted the so-called KFC hoax was no hoax at all, although they did reject the $30,000 offered by KFC because they did not “feel right about accepting their money” and the money ended up going to the Stile’s Foundation at the suggestion of the family attorney.

Dr. Raymond Peters, of Naples, Florida, made and installed the prosthetic eye last month, but the doctor admits, “Victoria is going to have to go through at least four to five years of surgery.” Even the eyelids required surgery in order to support the new eye, and Dr. Kyle Lewis of Jackson offered his services for free in order to perform the skin graft.

It was Dr. Frank Stile of Las Vegas who initiated the offer to provide free plastic surgery, noting that “an innocent child was viciously attacked by dogs” and “she has serious disfiguring and life changing injuries” which “Dr. Stile and his foundation have the ability to help this little girl.” According to Stile, Victoria will be in his care during the coming months.

“We are extremely optimistic about Victoria’s recovery,” said Dr. Frank Stile, of Las Vegas. “We continue to track her progress as her facial bones and scars continue to heal. In the upcoming months, she will be arriving in Las Vegas, where her right eyelid reconstruction will help produce more symmetry of her facial structure.”

Dr. Stile also responded to the controversy generated by the KFC hoax stories printed in the media. He says he is considering returning the $30,000 to KFC, although he still pledges to provide the free surgeries.

“I don’t need my reputation sullied by what someone else is doing,” said Stile. “I’m doing what I am doing independently.”

Although some people wanted a refund for the $100,000 donated to the GoFundMe campaign for Victoria Wilcher, many are reported to understand that the pit bull attack, not a grandmother’s story about KFC, was responsible for the physical damage to the little girl. According to Fox News, the website even said “a very small number of donors to the ‘Victoria’s Victories’ GoFundMe fundraising campaign have requested refunds” and the family is currently working on setting up a trust for helping Victoria.

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