Pizza Hut Is Unhappy With Apple Pay, Others Are Optimistic

Apple Pay is one of the new features introduced at the Apple event this past September. In fact, the iPhone 6 is actually the only Apple iPhone release that will have the ability to utilize the new payment system. Apple Pay is the tech companies new long-awaited mobile wallet app and predicted software application for iOS.

Unfortunately for Apple, one of their biggest supporters has expressed concern for the usability of their intriguing new app.

According to NFC World, Pizza Hut VP of Global Digital Experience Danny Sullivan is not impressed, and is unwilling to have the pizza company utilize the new app. He told the attendees of the 2014 Mobile Shopping Summit how he felt.

“I am more pessimistic about Apple Pay’s impact than most people here. I had a call with Apple last week and right now it is only a payment system for apps. It is shut off from the mobile web, which I think everyone knows is a bigger part of everyone’s business from mobile devices.”

The other usual complaint is that it does not support Google’s operating system, or marketplace. According to Apple, they already have 220,000 companies in line with their app and vision. These companies include Babies R’ Us, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Subway, Staples, Panera, Petco, McDonald’s, and Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is in the Apple camp, and had a completely different view on the outcome Apple’s new Apple Pay app, according to Tech Times.

“My instinct is it is a game changer. The alternative mobile payments space — I read there are 26 different ones — I think this one is going to be the tipping point in the whole process just because there are 500 million iTunes account holders, 22,000 retailers have already signed on and how easy it to go on iTunes and buy something.”

This sends mixed signals to those who have yet to opt-in to Apple pay and the consumers who are on the fence about which way to go. Also, Apple’s Touch ID software is still being streamlined and adopted by developers, which is part of the security for the Apple pay app. The app is still a week or more out, according to The Inquisitr.

Another explanation given by the Pizza Hut VP stated was that it was merely for an app environment, and not for the mobile web. Fortunately for Apple, this is not the first time they have heard this complaint levied against their iOS app-style ECO system. Despite Pizza Hut’s concerns, it appears the app will likely succeed. Although, only time, and the consumer market, will tell.

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