ISIS Militants Execute Four Women In Mosul Including Two Doctors

In another shocking story from Iraq, ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, executed four women, two of whom were doctors, in the town of Mosul.

AFP reports that, on Saturday, relatives and rights activists told them that three of the women were killed on Wednesday, two of whom were doctors as mentioned, and one was a human rights activist running the Al-Amal organization.

Sources in Mosul identified the doctors as Maha Sabhan and Lamia Ismail. On October 5, Iman Mohammed Yunus, a former Sunni parliamentarian from the Iraq Turkmen Front in the city of Tal Afar, farther west towards the Syrian border, was also executed.

Ali al-Bayati who runs a foundation supporting the rights of Iraq’s Turkmen minority said, “They took her from her home last month and called her family this week to say that she had been executed. Then they dumped her body in a water well outside Tal Afar.”

Edwar, who reported the death of Imam Yunus, said about the ISIS phenomena of killing women, “Women are easy targets for them. Many of the rights activists from Mosul ran away but some of the women among them had to stay with their children.”

Mosul, where the executions took place, has been under ISIS control since June, and has been used as a de facto capital for the Iraqi half of the “caliphate,” which their leadership proclaimed in June and also includes large parts of Syria.

Edwar added, “After going after the ethnic and religious minorities, they are now hunting down Sunni members of civil society groups and anyone remotely connected with the government. When you abduct and kill women, you are really spreading horror.”

The killings of the four women in Mosul comes after Samira Saleh al-Nuaimi, a human right’s activist, was executed because she had used social media to condemn the demolition of heritage sites by ISIS.

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