The Last Brick In The Wall: The End Of Pink Floyd

Although its been 20 years since the last time the band released new music and toured, fans always held out hopes that Pink Floyd would eventually come together to make another go of it. Those hopes took on new light in 2005 when Roger Waters, the band’s long-time bassist and creative driving force, who left in 1985, returned to join his bandmates on stage for the Live 8 festival. But all of that changed in 2008 when keyboardist Richard Wright passed away after a battle with cancer.

Now, as Pink Floyd readies it latest release, The Endless River, due out on November 10, guitarist David Gilmour has emphatically put an end to all of those hopes. The Endless River represents the End of Pink Floyd.

During an interview with BBC 6 Music and reported by Rolling Stone Magazine, Gilmour breaks the hearts of Pink Floyd fans worldwide.

“I think we have successfully commandeered the best of what there is. I suspect this is it. It’s a shame, but this is the end.”

The Endless River is the first Pink Floyd album since 1994’s The Division Bell, and Gilmour explains that the new album, which was completed by he and drummer Nick Mason using tapes from the 1994 studio sessions, is a sort of continuation of the themes explored on The Division Bell. And with this being the last works of Rick Wright, Gilmour now believes it is time to walk away from the band that created such masterpieces as 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon, 1975’s Wish You Were Here, and 1979’s The Wall.

Roger Waters, who once sued the band for using the name and his music, has made peace with his former band mates, even though he released a statement just last week, as reported on The Inquisitr, on his Facebook page telling fans that he had nothing to do with the new album and to “get a grip.”

Waters and Gilmour continue to make new music and tour, just not together, and drummer Nick Mason has become a writer after penning the 2005 book on life in the band, as well as books on his other love: cars. If this truly is the end of Pink Floyd, and there is no “momentary lapse of reason” to see why it’s not, The Endless River is not only the final work of Richard Wright, but of the legendary band as a whole.

Pink Floyd at the end
The Endless River marks the end of The Pink Floyd. Here the band is together one last time in 2005.

Pink Floyd is considered one of the most influential rock bands in history. As the last line goes in the song “High Hopes” from 1994’s The Division Bell — the same song from which the new album title was taken — Pink Floyd’s music will always be “An endless river. Forever and ever.”

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