You Will Smirk When You See How These Parents Used Simple Placards To Make Their Kids ‘Confess’

Kids have long been advised, cajoled, bribed, reprimanded, and simply yelled at to make them compliant. Parents have gone through a laundry list of “techniques” to try and ensure their wards toe their line. However, kids through the ages have learned a simple fact: If the talk down happens within the confines of their homes, the shame and humiliation is quite limited and perhaps so are the results.

Modern day parents have discovered that if you really want to hurt a child, you should do it on a much larger scale. Though it may be perceived as wrong, these exasperated fathers and mothers might have exhausted all possible ways of reasoning with a child. Whatever may be the intentions, these images show how parents today are venting their frustration online — on social media, no less.

A Future 'The Blue Man' Group Member For Sure

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Why Shouldn't He? Dog Food Has All The Vital Nutrients That A Growing Body Needs. Plus It Might Be Tasting Better Than The Baby Formula!

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Must Have Been Mommy's Favorite Shirt

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He Must Have Taken After His Daddy

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Hey, No One Became An Artist By Sleeping During The Daytime

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Well In The Kid's Defense, No One Really Likes Going To The Church Anymore

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Another Budding Artist Who Stumbled Upon A New Media To Unleash His Creativity

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No Wonder Mommy's Was Feeling So Down Lately

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Have The Parents Ever NOT Used Their Kids' Photos In An Embarrassing Situation?

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Ouch! That Must Have Hurt On So Many Levels

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Maybe The Pasta Was Really That Bad?

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Maybe He Likes One Of Those Hairless Breeds And His Parents Didn't Get Him One?

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Clearly The Homework Must Be Way Above His Level And The Teachers Are Plotting Against Him

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Whoa... That's A Bit Too Harsh Isn't It?

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What Does The Mother Expect? The Kid Should Poop On Command?

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The Inquisitr recently reported how dog owners had adopted a similar technique. However, these kids will soon be able to read and surf the internet, and what do the parents expect when their wards discover photographic proof of their humiliation on the internet?

[Featured Image Credit | Mommy Shorts]