Sean Hannity Weight Loss: How He Lost 27 Pounds

If you have noticed that radio and TV talk show host Sean Hannity lost some weight, your eyes are not deceiving you. The conservative journalist has lost 27 pounds in recent weeks, and he is sharing his secret with us.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hannity talks about how he got rid of some of that extra weight, which he says led to being fitter than he has ever been. The 52-year-old accomplished the feat the good old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise and no assistance from the government.

When asked why he decided to lose weight, Sean Hannity said that his aha moment came after a friend snapped a photo of him while they were golfing, in the fall of 2012.

“It was hideous — I looked four months pregnant. I had man boobs. I just said, ‘What am I doing to myself, letting myself go this way?’ Around Christmas, I started my diet — Atkins, the low-carb, no-sugar diet. Within a week I’d lost six or seven-pounds. In six weeks, I went from 207 to 180, which I am now.”

“Now, I might go away for a weekend and eat anything I want, and the weight goes right back on. So I go right back to high-protein/low-carb — and it works every time.”

Sean Hannity says he hired a trainer and started kickboxing sessions with him, as his form of exercise. The Fox News host says the man trains law enforcement and military personnel, and is an accomplished black belt in many of the most popular disciplines.

“I do three or four days a week, an eclectic mix of styles — kick boxing, Japanese jujitsu, submission, grappling, Filipino martial arts, blade, and firearms training. My instructor, who has multiple black belts and trains military and law enforcement people, calls it ‘street martial arts.’ It’s one nonstop hour of competitive intensity. At the end I can barely keep my arms up. Many days, I’m black and blue.”

How has his weight loss changed Sean Hannity, the man? The outspoken radio and TV host says it has given him more confidence, and now he feels he can get out of an attack if he ever was faced with one.

“Take any scenario: Come up to me from behind, put me in a chokehold, put a gun to my head, threaten me with a knife, and I know how to get out of it.”

Hannity explains that he gets threats on a regular basis for his viewpoints, and confesses that he has carried a firearm for most of his adult life. After all, intolerant people can get nasty after hearing his strong political views. Now he is convinced he can handle anyone if confronted.

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