Sean Hannity Praises Bill Maher As ‘Good For America’ [Video]

Sean Hannity and Bill Maher frequently combat each other on their respective programs, but Maher’s recent heated exchange with Ben Affleck over Islam has got Hannity saying Bill is “good for America.”

That’s not to say Sean and Bill are going to be joining forces anytime soon. Hannity prefaced his compliment by saying that he doesn’t like Maher as a person. However, the speech that came after his disclaimer built up Bill for the same brashness that has often put him at odds with Sean.

“He says all these outrageous things. He’s almost become an iconoclast, because he is willing to speak the truth when so many others in the media are scared to death.”

Hannity was joined by Fox News co-hosts Greta van Susteren and Bob Beckel, both of whom agreed that Maher was on the right track with his views on Islam in the debate with Affleck. Van Susteren supported Sean’s comments, remarking that Bill was making a positive contribution to the national conversation on the issue.

“[It’s] good to provoke discussion… we should be talking about these things. We should stop hiding from the fact, that look, we have a big problem in this country and we need the help of Muslim leaders to step up and condemn radical Islam because they’re beheading people.”

Beckel also chimed in, agreeing that it was courageous for pundits like Maher and Hannity to stand up against political correctness to speak out on the dangers of Islam.

“You remember I was the first person to jump on this and I had fatwas thrown at me and I will say again ‘fatwa this.’ Here’s the thing the problem with this, the thing that bothers me about listening to my side on this is nobody takes into account the fact that they’ve been killing Christians who were there before the Muslims were there… I’m debating the issue of why, has one Muslim leader, one head of state come out and said anything about 9/11? About the Boston Marathon Bombing?”

Despite Sean reaching out to pat Bill on the back, the pair’s past history indicates that it’s not a sign that The Maher-Hannity Hour is in the works. Bill once made a not-so-subtle joke that Sean should commit suicide in one of his program’s many jibes at Fox News. (Caution: Uncensored curse word in the video below.)

Hannity’s comments were inspired by the now-viral debate between Affleck and Maher about whether or not the religion of Islam was at odds with liberal values like equality. On the segment, Bill defended what Ben called “racist stereotyping” of Muslims. Maher’s argument, below, is in line with many of Sean’s comments about Islam over the years.

Do you think Sean Hannity’s comments about Bill Maher were on-target?

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