Michelle Obama Flubs Senate Candidate’s Name Repeatedly While Campaigning For Him

What’s in a name? For Michelle Obama, a whole lot of confusion. The first lady flubbed Democrat Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s name multiple times as “Bailey” and even referred to him as a Marine Corps veteran, which he is not.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Wisconsin reporter was “creeped out” by the experience she had covering a Michelle Obama stump speech for a Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. She reported that the media was forbidden to speak with the people in the crowd.

While Michelle Obama was campaigning in Des Moines, Iowa Friday for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley, she referred to him multiple times as “Bailey” before she was corrected by someone shouting from the audience.

“Uhh Braley what did I say? I’m losing it, I’m getting old,” Obama said. “I’ve been traveling too much.”

The First Lady then tried to spin the gaffe toward pushing voter turnout among the student audience.

“That’s why we need you young people, you gotta help us out.”

Obama attempted to plug the candidate’s website while also still saying the wrong name. That misspoken website won’t lead to a dead link though, as The Washington Post discovered. It didn’t take long for web pranksters to take advantage of her error since votebrucebailey.com now directs to the campaign website of Braley’s GOP challenger, Joni Ernst.

For the rest of Obama’s speech, the audience took some humor in her mistakes. While she did pronounce Braley’s name correctly, she drew a cheer from the audience.

Flubs and errors are not uncommon in political speeches and can leave humorous memories. What do you think of Michelle Obama’s slip of the tongue?

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